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Brett speaking at a podium

There goes the blind kid

A unique approach to motivational speaking

About me


My name’s Brett Devloo, but you can call me The Blind Kid. I’m a visually impaired skateboarder, musician, and public speaker. I would love to speak to your school and inspire your students.


I share my story about losing my vision in the middle of history class when I was 16 at schools across Canada. I use it as a tool to spread my anti-bullying message, promote accessibility awareness, and generally inspire hope in those who need it.

My goal

I want to be there for people who need it most: that means students, teachers, and educators. The outcasts, the ones who feel like they have no one they can talk to because that’s who I was. By the end of my story, every single person should know they’ve got someone there to support them.

“I’d be walking down the halls in school or on the streets and I’d hear people whispering, ‘There goes the blind kid.’ So instead of taking offense to it, I just kind of owned it. I don’t really give people the chance to bully me.”



Given 4 iPads to visually impaired students

TBK talking to a visually impaired student about to give them an iPad
TBK sitting on a stool at the front of a classroom speaking


Spoken at 13 schools


Received the 2016 Vigor Award

TBK The Blind Kid receiving the 2016 Vigor Award

How you can help

Homework can really imagine trying to do it without being able to see.

Unfortunately, that's a really for some teens. With staff and resources spread thin, many teens don't have access to the tools they need to get a meaningful education. That's why I'm always on the lookout for ways to raise money to give visually impaired students iPads.

Did you know...?

All iPads come with accessibility software called VoiceOver that lets you navigate by sound. Compared to desktop computers with accessibility software that can literally cost thousands of dollars, iPads are a relatively affordable way to equip students with an effective way to learn and stay connected with the world around them.

Let's keep in touch

No one controls the hand of cards they’re given in life. Let me show you how to love the cards you’ve got.

Reach out if you have any questions, just want to talk, or book me at your school

Brett Devloo


Phone: 204-299-9376

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TBK The Blind Kid speaking at a podium to a class
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